Our Approach

CORAT Africa ‘s approach to consultancy is guided by Christian principles of love, stewardship, integrity and a Christian understanding of human nature as sound management theory. We place people at the center of our work and seek to engage them in the process of improving their own situation. To this end, process consultancy has continued to play a central role in our work.

In process consultancy, which is often encouraged, our role becomes that of an active
vehicle; sometimes invited guest, sometimes intimate friend to walk with on an intended journey; sometimes enabling and sometimes raising questions and issues that are intended to enhance their capacity to be effective.

A key challenge for us at CORAT has been how to make continuous reviews of our consultancy work. This is in an effort to remain relevant and focused on the needs of the organizations that are served. As an organization that is committed to learning, CORAT ensures that periodic evaluations of itself as an organization and of its services are carried out. Each assignment done generates its own lessons for the organization. CORAT has, in this respect, continued to appreciate the need to document and learn from its own practice. Some of these lessons are available in CORAT as publications.