Diploma in Project Management

Diploma in Project Management

This course is offered in collaboration with Daystar University.

Course Overview

The diploma in project management will be deeply rooted in developmental, theoretical and practical framework. The programme is designed to provide learners/students with a wide range of project managerial skills to deal with the challenging issues facing organizations as far as management of projects is concerned. Successful project management is an important factor which determines the success of an organization and if the many planned projects are to see the light of the day, then competent project managers are required. The course stresses the training of project managers, project team leaders and high school leavers who wish to enter into the field of project management.

The course aims at equipping learners with a wide range of management skills that can be applied in all the areas of management. The skills are important in the management of change and achievement of project goals across all industries.

Significant Skills

  • Setting Project goals and objective
  • Effective management throughout all the project stages
  • Enhanced communication skills with stakeholders and team members
  • Leadership Skills and stakeholder management
  • Effective Resource Management
  • Managing change and project risks

Duration and Start dates:

This is a two year diploma course (four semesters).Course work will be three semesters .In the fourth semester, students will either do a research project or proceed for practicum.


The Fees per semester will be as follows

1st Semester 34,000 KES            340 USD      

2nd Semester 34,000             340 USD

3rd Semester 34,000              340 USD

4th Semester 28,500               285 USD

Minimum Requirements for the course

The following shall be admissible into the Diploma in Monitoring and Evaluation

  1. A minimum of C- aggregate at K.C.S.E
  2. Any other equivalent qualification recognized by Daystar University
  • K.A.C.E certificate, with one principle and two subsidiaries principal.

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