About us

Vision and Mission

Mission Statement

To be an exemplary institution that strengthens other organizations, through training, consultancy, research and hospitality services.

Vision Statement

 To be a well-managed organization positively impacting society

Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Accountability
  • Stewardship
  • Professionalism
  • Ecumenicalism

History of CORAT Africa

CORAT Africa is situated about 2km from Bomas of Kenya. It was started in the year 1975.The name (CORAT Africa) is an acronym for the Christian Organizations Research and Advisory Trust of Africa. Its mission remains “to enable churches and church related organizations in Africa improve their management capability”.

Its history, however, dates back to the early 1960’s when the first CORAT was founded in the United Kingdom by the late Bishop G. Stuart Snell of the Anglican Diocese of Croydon.  It later extended to most parts of Africa. In 1974, therefore, the governing body of CORAT (UK) decided to setup an indigenous sister body to service churches in Africa and to take the pioneered work. CORAT (Africa) was thus formed in March 1975.

Once CORAT (Africa) was registered, the late Bishop G. Stuart Snell left the U.K. to work as CORAT (Africa’s) first Executive Officer. He held this position for fifteen months until his appointment in May 1976 as Suffragan Bishop of Croydon and Bishop to Her Majesty’s Armed Forces. The late Rev. F. Ronald Dain took over as Executive Officer from June 1976 to December 1979.

As a christian organization, CORAT (Africa) was founded on a Biblical foundation, which are aptly captured in its corporate prayer. In seeking to remain faithful to its Biblical foundations, CORAT (Africa) sought to identify a few practical themes that would capture the essence of its Mission. Four major Biblical/theological themes upon which its future work was to be founded were identified and have now been reduced to training materials used in all CORAT (Africa) courses and workshops. these are ; stewardship, a Biblical understanding of human nature, integrity and love.

Corporate Governance

The day to day operations of CORAT Africa are overseen by the Board of Directors as well as the Management Team.They are as follows;


1. Mr. J.P. Luusa BSc., Dip. Bank Chairman
2. Rt. Rev. M.J. Sande BSc., M.Sc., (Chem) Vice Chairman
3. Dr. Bright G. Mawudor Ph.D, MBA, ACMA, CA Treasurer
4. Dr. Oliver Simiyu Kisaka B.Ed, MABTS, PhD Managing Director
5. Dr. R. A. Masake BSc., MSc., Ph.D Director
6. Hon. Lady Justice Mary Kasango LLB., LLM Director
7. Dr. Peter Okaalet M.B,Ch.B., M.Div., M.Th. Director
8. Mr. Mathew Kyalo Mbobu LLM, LLB, CPS (K) Director
10.  Eng. Joseph K. Kiiru  BSc. Eng., MBA Director
11.  Dr. Matthews K. Mwalwa  Dip. Th., BSc., M.Div., M.Th., Ph.D Director
12.  Mrs. Usha Khosla  MBA, BA Director


1. Dr. Oliver Simiyu Kisaka B.Ed, MABTS, PhD Managing Director
2. Mr Fred Olweny Bcom, MBA,CPA (K) Programs Manager


Mr Emmanuel Waya Bsc,BA,MBA,CPA (K)

Hotel Manager