Our library

CORAT Africa being a special library it caters for a sitting capacity of 28 people. We have a volume of about 20,000 books and periodicals; the collection also includes non print media.The library is well computerized and networked environmental conditions suitable for services to users including those who need wireless connection. The library is well automated and basically relay on KOHA software.

We also have an e-center which is part of the library, it’s mainly for users who want to make use of internet and they don’t have their laptops or computers.

These resources are intended to cater for a broad range of user needs that are basically from different fields i.e. consultants and facilitators and also accommodate growth in the institution and various programs and the rapidly rising student population especially at this time we want to start our Diploma Course. This is an effort to enhance the quality of facilitation, training and research, which will boost the quest for CORAT Africa to be at the top.

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