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Learning and Capacity Development

CORAT Africa courses reflect our commitment to equip churches and church related organizations in management, organizational development, management of development programmes and projects, hospitals, health institutions and educational institutions.

For over 41 years, CORAT Africa courses have attracted a high number of Church leaders and managers who desire to acquire and upgrade their skills in Management.

CORAT Africa has been training to meet management and leadership needs of Churches and  Church-related organizations and NGO’s in Africa since 1975.

In 2017, CORAT Africa plans to run in-country, tailor made and regional courses, all founded on Christian values of integrity, stewardship and accountability.In-country courses are run at the CORAT Africa Management Development Centre (CMDC) located on Bogani East Road, Lang’ata, Nairobi Kenya while the regional courses will run at different locations as indicated below.

The Training Programme is divided into three categories;

i) Pan African Residential Courses

These are aimed at equipping leaders of churches and church-based organizations with good management skills.These courses are conducted at the CORAT Africa Management and Development Centre (CMDC) facility.

ii) Tailor-Made Courses (In-Country Courses)

We also facilitate Tailor-Made (In-Country Courses) which are clients determined .The topics and duration depends on the clients’ needs. Its advantage is, it reaches more participants in a given location, hence more cost effective.

iii) Regional Courses

Motivated by her zeal to help the churches and church-based organizations enhance on their capacities; so that they become well managed, effective, accountable and sustainable in mission; CORAT Africa has made a strategic decision to devolve many of her courses to where the churches are at. Beginning this June 2016, CORAT Africa will roll out several courses at different regions in Kenya and outside Kenya. Below are highlights of the initial short courses scheduled. Please visit our webpage regularly to know which courses will be conducted at your region.

Newly Launched Courses

CORAT has also identified and designed additional courses that will be offered to both current and potential clients in 2017,namely;

1. Short Courses:

  1. Project Cycle Management Course
  2. Corporate Governance Course
  3. Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Course
  4. Chaplaincy Services Course
  5. Grant Writing and Report Writing Course
  6. Succession Planning for Church Executives Course
  7. The Human Resource Capital Course
  8. Transformational Leadership Course
  9. Organizational Development Course

2. Long Courses:

  1. Management Course For Guest House Managers
  2. Management Course For Legal Counsel Generals

3. Regional courses:

  1. Resource Mobilization
  2. Finance for Non Finance              
  3. Organization Development        
  4. Proposal Development and report writing                           
  5. Church Management in Practice              
  6. Human Resource Management
  7. Strategic Management 
  8. Leadership in Practice   
  9. Participatory Planning Monitoring and Evaluation             
  10. Family Life Education     
  11. Youth Development Training 

Benefits of Training at CORAT Africa

•   An opportunity to share and reflect on issues facing Churches and Church related Organizations in Africa
•    A rich interdenominational and cross cultural sharing of experiences
•    A Biblical approach to management
•    A good balance of theory and practice
•    Facilitation by experienced trainers who have in-depth knowledge and experience
•    Case studies informed by CORAT involvement in consultancy and research

For further information contact;

Moses  Muchai

Training Consultant

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Grace Wanjihia

Training Programme Coordinator

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Fred Olweny

Training Consultant-Regional Courses

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