How we are : At CORAT Africa we are committed to a new vision of seeing a dynamic Organisation working towards enhancing harmonious and ethical society. From this vision, we are conscious of the fact that institutional capacity strengthening is an essential element of building a democratic and harmonious society.

Consultancy assignments : Since inception, CORAT Africa has been involved in Consultancy assignments in over 25 countries in Africa and beyond. The institution has continued to offer consultancy services in the areas of long term Organisation Development processes Organisational assessments and development, strategic planning and management, capacity building, programme/project evaluations, feasibility studies, needs assessments, and research and publications.

Our Focus on clear strategy : The need for improvement in the delivery of our services through consultancy has emerged from the strategic plan covering period 2015 to 2019. In that plan is our commitment to improving the quality of our consultancy approach. Consultancy is a core strategy of CORAT Africa which we undertake as part of our commitment to strengthening the civil society organizations.

Consultancy as a process : At CORAT Africa, we see Consultancy as a process. We believe that our role is to enable the client to take charge of own process and that our role is to accompany them. Consultancy is more than a single intervention. It is to do with a whole set of interventions. Such interventions include Evaluations of existing organisations, departments or semi-autonomous units of those organisations; Feasibility/capacity studies; Policy development; Organisation Development processes; Issue-based Consultations and other related assignments. Our over 40 years of accompanying organisations in over 21 countries in Africa stand out.

The CORAT Consultant : The CORAT consultant role is that of a facilitator playing the role of supplying guidance. Through the consultancy process, staff of the Organisation and other key stakeholder will gain self-understanding, self-reflection and self-discovery of the Organisation strengths and weaknesses that will lead to the desire to change and become healthier.

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Mr. Evans Isaboke



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